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Tales of Judgement R - RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World

Tales of Judgement R (ToJR) is an original action RPG game currently in remaking and development by few members of Team Mana, a small group of Game Makers in the BYOND Community.

Follow a storyline where your decisions may impact your surrounding and the World. Will you be known as a Hero or a Traitor? This is the start of your own Tales.

1.0.35 Alpha - 17th August - 10th October 2018 (Current Version)

  • Control Configuration has been added.
  • Few fixes has been done in order to make Control Configuration work.
  • Smoother Dialogue Box and Shop Window Fade-In and Fade-Out added.
    • Text also fades in and out.
    • Text Sound have been added.
  • New Area: Tyr Cave has been added in the Eltia Side of Tyr Forest.
  • Storyline Progression: New cutscenes at Sanora Village and at Tyr Cave.
  • Experimental Gamepad Support on Control Configuration has been added.
  • Customized Weather System for Storyline Cutscenes added.
    • Night Cutscene at Sanora Village
  • Maps have been re-organized
    • In case of players drifting in the void from their location, they may automatically respawn to the last town they've used the Respawn Crystal

1.0.34 Alpha - 31st July 2018

  • Storyline Progression: New cutscenes has been added when reaching Sanora Village
  • Reworked Gald System: Gald now caps at 999,999,999
    • Bank System has been removed
    • Gald's Death Penalty has been removed
  • Menu Colors Update: Menu Color has also affect the dialogue box and the shop window.
  • Bugs fixes: Some bugs related to sound has been fixed
  • Weather System has been updated

1.0.33 Alpha - 25th June 2018

  • Battle System Update: Random Generate Party, Pincer and Ambush System has been added!
    • Random Generate Party: The game system is now generating enemies parties and also detect the player's current party size concerning the number of enemies that will appear in the field
    • Pincer (Only in party): Gives advantage to the player's party to corner enemies in the middle
    • Ambush : Gives advantage to the enemy's party to corner players in the middle
    • Escape System Update: The gauge speed is now faster in solo and when a single member is alive in a party.
    • Reworked Stun & Super Armor System (Enemies): A certain % will increase when successfully hitting enemies on their Stun Gauge. Enemies with Super Armor will require to hit em multiple times before their defense breaks to finally hit em with full damage (Can be notice when the Hits Count starts to show up). Note that their Super Armor recovers once comboing them is over (It doesn't recover if it hasn't been broken)
    • SP Fixed on Training Grounds: Now on Simple Difficulty Mode, Slimes will no longer give 0 SP, they will always give 1 SP now.
  • Archer Class Update: Archer's Mystic Arte - Wild Symphony - has been added, making all four playables classes to have Mystic Artes
  • Battle UI Update: A new remade Battle UI has been added, making it look cleaner and better than the previous versions.
    • Each color represent the player's position in the party along with their party cursor (1P is Red, 2P is Blue, 3P is Yellow/Orange, 4P is Green)
    • Upon a player's death, their marker on the UI will turn Gray
    • All status icons has been positioned on top of the UI, making it clearer to what status the player currently has.
    • Statistics in Battle UI has been reworked a bit in order for the refresh looks smoother.
  • Level Up Update: Upon leveling up, the new icon that pop up on players has been updated and now shows "New Arte" when a player has learned a new arte
  • Help Guide Bot - Mieu the Cheagle has been added. He will offer tips and command helps within interval of 3-5 minutes.
  • Guild System Update: Guild System has been reworked and shall soon be added in the game once the story has progressed to access the Guild Receptionist NPC.
  • Chat Update: When a player is in battle, an icon will be shown next to their name when they speaks, that will tell that they are currently in battle
  • Overworld Update: All classes have now their palettes added. Players that didn't choose Default as a palette will change color in-game in and out of battle.