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Tales of Judgement R - RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World

Tales of Judgement R (ToJR) is an original action RPG game currently in remaking and development by few members of Team Mana, a small group of Game Maker in the BYOND Community.

Follow a storyline where your decisions may impact your surrounding and the World. Will you be known as a Hero or a Traitor? This is the start of your own Tales.

1.0.29 Alpha - 31th December 2017 / 1st January 2018 (Current Version)

  • Load Screen Update: The Load Screen has been revamped and looks better than previous versions
    • Now players are allowed to have 8 save slots compared to only 3 save slots.
  • Mage Class Update: Ranged Fire Ball on their normal attacks has been added.
    • The light fire ball is non-elemental and uses the mage's MATK.
    • The fire ball won't be launch if the mage is fighting close-combat to an enemy.
  • Interior Update: Interiors are now larger and now features the Interactable Location System with a faster loading compared to switching areas.
  • NPCs Update: Shuu Tyrion and Dios Bladefield's homes are now available to enter.
    • Dios will be found in his tent for the following quests that he is involve in Prologue Chapter.
    • Shuu will be found in his house for the following quests that he is involve in Prologue Chapter.
      • A small skit has been added for Shuu after the events of exploring Eltia Cave.
  • Enemies Update: Enemies' behaviors have been slightly updated.
  • Tyr Forest Update: Tyr Forest have two names based off the side of where the player is located - Eltia and Sanora.
    • This will help for players find their friends when using the command /info [PlayerName].
  • Battle System Update: Auto-Loot has been added.
    • Any items laying around in the battlefield that wasn't picked up will randomly pick a player in the field and give the item to them.