Bruiser Khang (Sharky)

Bruiser Khang is a player character under the account of Sharky12 (Sharky/Kifo)

He is a Fighter/Melee-type Class, known as the Champ in the Arena or the Mighty Kongman, his brute force is one of his best abilities. Tend to have a rivalry with Chester Barklight (Aerio) only to be watched by Guy (Jee), Jade (Joe) and Natalia (Hana)



TP Level Description Damage
Bolt Thrust 6 TP Default A powerful electro shock punch. 125% + 175%


Rhomb Shoulder 8 TP 4 A 2 part attack consisting of a body blow followed by an upper cut. 100% + 120%
Great Upper 16 TP 9 Punch with a single uppercut that pushes the enemy airborne. 159% + 204%
Muscle Heat 13 TP 17 Building up blood heat for power. 250%
Cool Hip 9 TP 21 A hip attack that starts from a jump. 140% x 3
Hell's Hurricane 18 TP 27 A hurricane-like combo attack 110% x 2

73% x 2

183% x 1

Heart Break 15 TP 40 Summon inner energy and strike down enemies with a powerful punch that pushes them away (Risk of Self-Stun). 350%


Artes Level Description
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Taunt 20 Allows the user to taunt and refill a small amount of the OVL gauge